What a Busy Day


For those who have a child or grandchild…  more>

In The Fire

We’ve all suffered loss of one sort or another…  more>

How Much Longer

When do you make a move to change your life? – more>


You ever been broke – truly broke? – more>

Oh, Whiskey

One night I was sitting in my studio…  more>

Songs I Never Sing

American Songwriter Magazine Award Winner – more>

Driftin' On The Open D

An instrumental tuned to an open ‘D’ … more>

Runaway Jimmie

There was a man named James Connor….  more>


The idea for this song came from a roadtrip… more>

Ball and Chain

This song is NOT about Sandy! more>

So Close To Good


Beautiful collaboration with my friend Joe Hardy – more>


Walked On By


Sometimes it’s easy to walk on by – more>

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