I left my home, outside of Raleigh
Headed out for Ohio
West to the ‘Smokies, up to the mountain
Down to the valley below

From the Tennessee hills, north to Kentucky
Rollin’ fields of green
I won’t dilly or dally, I’ll stroll through the valley
Right into Ohio


Ohio, everybody is going
Ohio, Brother then we’ll be knowin’
Where ever you wander, however you roll
Brother I’ll see you, In Ohio

She said I’m goin’ with you
But I’m gonna head up ‘95
Into Virginia, up to the mountain
Down the other side

I’m gonna tell everybody that I meet
Oh how I love them so
I’m gonna shed my worries and shed my woes
And see you in Ohio.

Repeat Chorus


I put my faith in Jesus, she put hers in the Buddha
I took my F150, she drove a Hemi-Cuda
and we roll Into Ohio

There’s many paths up to the mountain
But only one thing’s for sure
The high and the low, the tellin’ and the told
Will all meet in Ohio

Repeat Chorus

God bless our souls we’re gonna let it roll
All the way to Ohio

Music & Lyrics by: John Carlson © 2016

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