Songs I’d Never Sing

Goin’ through the motions and sometimes it’s not so bad
And then I start remembering all the things I could’ve had
Where have all my friends gone that I met along the way
Like all the dreams I’ve ever had, they’ve just slowly slipped away


And the years leave only lines on my face
And my tears keep falling in one place
Mm, mm, mm, mmmm
Through younger eyes I saw a ship in which I’d steer
Chest into the wind I’d go where others feared
But now the child bears a child and the boy becomes a man
The torch my father carried is now placed into my hands
And the years just sail on by
And to my ship I wave good bye
Mm, mm, mm, mmmm


The grandeur of an elusive dream
Gives way to smaller things
Now I’m singing songs I swore I’d never have to sing
Now I’m singing songs I swore I’d never have to sing
Mm, mm, mm, mmmm

© 1990 John William Carlson

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